Was it Like This Last Year, Too?

As much as like the fall and 65 degree weather, when it's just cold enough to sleep really well at night but still warm enough to go outside in shorts and still keep warm if you run around enough, I had forgotten that that means it's 65 degrees during the day.  By which I mean that it's 40 degrees when the sun goes down and I have to dig through my small collection of warm weather gear (read:  long pants) if I want to go outside.   

We're coming up on back to back weekends with disc golf tournaments, my cold weather equipment will be sorely tested.  Good thing I'm smart enough not to live in Michigan.

I've had plans on the back burner (heh) for a year now for my soon to be famous, "Buffet Bag."  See, I never have enough room for food in my golf bag so I'm coming out with one that holds 5 or so discs and a full eight course meal, complete with those little candles to keep your food warm.   I've been asked if there will be a refrigerated compartment in which to keep your choco-tacos and ice cubes.  Of course not, that would be silly.

So Earlewood comes around again, South Carolina States it's called, I think, but I don't particularly care, I'm just going for the course and the (ahem) weather.  I'll head up with my two pairs of sweat pants (can't play in jeans...), as many obscene Georgia Rugby shirts as I can find, and some hot chocolate to play as a pro and get my buffet bag kicked all over the place.  It'll be fun.

Oh, Ryan holds the new Wills Park forehand only record at even par, now.  Scott was -4 on the 16th but apparently had a few, well, problems.   Speaking of forehand, if you've seen my distance lying around somewhere please let me know, I miss it.

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