My bad, I botched that one.

Played in Birmingham this weekend at the Tax Tourney, a B-Tier thing that I went to only because I wanted to get some Southern Nationals points so I could get on the waiting list later this year.  When we got there I told somebody or other that I hoped they didn't mix the divisions.  See, I play open but my mental (and, therefore, many parts of my physical) game are solidly amateur.  If I play with good players my focus improves and instead of hoping to make a putt or hoping to hit the fairway, I know I'll hit the putt and I know I'll hit the fairway.  If, however, I play with lesser players, I play, uhmm, lesser.

The board was mixed.  I used to love that because it meant I'd get to play with a better player.  This time I didn't like it because I was supposed to be the better player.  Most groups had two pros or, at least, a pro and a masters.  I had three advanced players (all the AM-2's played together because they were playing the short tees and the TD didn't want to mix tees, a pretty reasonable decision that in retrospect I'm not sure I agree with [but certainly have no real problems with]) and myself.

The mixed round I shot a +3.  Next round a -2.  Third round a -7.  I'm convinced I would've shot several shots better had I played only with pros the first round.  I'm also convinced that mixing divisions is the right thing to do.

Yeah, if I can't hold it together and play like I'm capable of just because I'm not playing with Kenny or Al or Barry, then I don't deserve to shoot well (as an aside, I'd like to point out that all 3 of the advanced players I played with were pretty good and I'm pretty sure they all beat my that round, if not for the whole tourney).  I remember being excited as hell when we went down to the Gator Country thingamabob in '98 because I thought I might get to play with Climo the first round. That's pretty cool.  Now the only drawback is the burden of knowing somebody's going to be letdown because they only get to play with me.

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