A Walk In the Park

Things have been pretty screwy with this website lately, which I suppose is an accurate reflection of the people, err, person behind the scenes.  Uhmm, scene.  Want to know what I did tonight?  No, silly, that was hours ago.  I mean for the past hour.  I've been looking for rugby scores.

I didn't find them (well, I found one of the 8 I was looking for).  So what?  So I feel the same way when I'm looking for frisbee golf scores.  It just so happens that the two sports I've been playing recently are in pretty similar situations, in the United States at least.  Sure, rugby's a reasonably big-time sport in select other parts of the world, but here they're both smalltime with bigtime dreams.    Frolf/frisbee golf/disc-golf/golf-with-a-flat-ball is doing the steady growth thing and now has something on the order of 10 or 20 reasonably-to-approximately full time players. Rugby has no full time players here, they all leave the country.  Alas.  But they do have two nicely run high-level leagues in Super League and Major League Rugby.  They're both sort of alternative sports right now, frolf because we're seen as hippies and druggies, and rugby because we're seen as maniacs and drunks.  All of which may or may not be accurate.

The biggest commonality is that I love 'em both and both hold competitions on Saturdays...  which caused schedule conflicts galore until this spring when I took the rugby season off.  I've learned my lesson there, that won't be happening again, I just missed it way too much.  I don't get nearly the sense of comraderie from frolf and I get no sense of the brotherhood that's so strong in rugby.  For the fall I'll be doing some serious calendar work to make sure I do as much of both as I can.  In fact, with the exception of Southern Nationals (a last-ditch attempt to qualify for US Open since I figure most of the good players will already be in), Augusta, and US Open, I probably won't play anything organized in the fall.

Oh well, looks like I'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out whether Virginia Tech won Mid-Atlantics or not, I'll live, I suppose.  I'd also like to know what happened in the Wild Turkey, but I can wait for that, too.  But it's awful damned hot in here, that I want to get fixed tonight.

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