Mother Pussbucket!

I just have two quick little things to say here tonight (when I started I only had one, so by the time I'm done I may have written my autobiography).  First, the other day I was talking to someone or other about worlds and mentioned that Sam Ferrans was in my pool (that's C, in case you're wondering) after the shuffle and how cool it would've been to play with him.  Well, I figured next time I'll play a little better and get to (because he beat me by like 20 shots).  So tonight I happen to glance at the results sheet I have and, for some reason (I really can't remember what spurred it) I checked his scores for the first 3 rounds.   Dude (and that was indeed a heartfelt dude if ever I have muttered one), we were tied at the shuffle.  Alas.  I didn't get to play with him that 4th round (and I never got a good look at the cards because I had to get a ride to the course and, at first, I was going to ride with Johnny McCray because he was going to the Tunnel course and I was going to the Toboggan, real close, eh?  Except as I was waiting with him for his caddy this guy rides past who's in pool C (Alex Pozzy from Maine, in case you're wondering), so he gives me a ride via Shoneys (where the Innova guys were eating, incidentally) and I told him that I knew where the course was so I'd give directions.  Well, as he's getting off the interstate I start to ask if it's the right exit, but stay quiet because he looks pretty confident.   Good move on my part, it's the right one.  So as we enter the park I say it's just down on the left, which it was except for that little right turn which I suppose was supposed to be involved that we didn't take.  So as we cruised past the little blue "Course this way" signs spurred on by my confident directions we got closer and closer to the start time...  thing is, I always navigate on trips and, I swear, I'm not bad at it.  But man, I cost us a good 15 minutes that morning...  which meant that I never really looked at the board, just saw my hole and ran off to find it and get a few throws in [parked the 1st hole and 3 putted, in case you were wondering]) and he beat me by 4 shots there (due in no small part to my 3 putting hole 14 and 4 putting hole 3... hell, there's 3 shots right there even if you don't putt my birdie putts in, just the comebackers) and then by a whopping 10 shots in the afternoon round and, well, that's why I didn't get to play with Sam Ferrans.

So the second thing (and no, it won't take as long as that first one) is just this.  When I write one of these things I usually copy an old one and paste it in so I can type over it and the fonts are all setup and I don't have to worry about finding that lovely little red and blue bar at the bottom of the page and all that jazz, I can just paste and go.  Except this time I pasted the one about when I went and played a round of worst shot singles against myself, forehand drives against backhand drives and I happened to read it and, well, now I really want to do that again.  I'd forgotten that I did worst shot (in my memory it had been singles) and I'd forgotten that I'd hit 2 forehand putts on the same hole by Mr. Backhand (but now that I'm reminded I remember the putts, they were on hole #5 and I was behind that little tree near the basket with no backhand putt) and, well, it sounds like fun.  Too bad I can't do it tomorrow (rugby's started, which is cool because I feel like I'm in such better shape already, even though I'm in exactly the same shape I was before.  I think fitness is 90% mental), maybe Friday.

And since it just happened, my demonstration copy of X-Win32 will close in 30 minutes.  I'd've bought it a long time ago except 1) It's expensive and, 2) They piss me off by having sales every couple of weeks and having the deals be totally different every time.   I remember one of the worst things Commodore ever did before the Amiga was totally dead, when the A1200 came out and cost $700.  Except after a while (a month? 2? not quite sure how long, but not very because I wanted one the whole time) they just decided to drop the price to $400 and, thus, piss off everyone who paid seven.  So I haven't bought my XWindows for NT...

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