Don't Want No Wife from Roberts Falls

If you can identify that line I'll buy you a beer sometime.

So I ordered a couple of albums from six weeks ago and one of them said it would be 6-8 weeks, which was fine with me (as an aside, where does it come from that would take 6 weeks?  I don't understand. The only thing I can even imagine is that some guy in his basement is making the damn thing as needed and he's on vacation in the south pacific for a few more weeks so I'll have to wait) so I told them to hold both of them until they're ready to ship (in other words, don't ship one and then the other but wait until they can ship them both at the same time).  Cool.

So it'd been just about six weeks and I get this email saying they're shipping the first and waiting for the second.  Now, when they do that they don't charge you extra so it's not a big deal, except it makes me wonder.  Why wait 6 weeks, ship one, and then ship the next 4 days later?  If you're going to split the shipment why not just do it immediately?    I do not understand.

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