Adventures of a '94 T-Bird

Dude, you have no idea.

Even if you've talked to me lately and think you know, you don't. You have no idea.  As far as I know only Mollie knows right now, and that's because she was part of it.  

See, last weekend I packed up my dog and my guitar and headed down to Atlanta to see Eddie From Ohio on Friday and Warren Zevon on Sunday (Lady didn't get to go, she stayed at my parents house, which is where I was when I wasn't concert-ing).  A good weekend plan, it went well.  Eddie was great and, while Warren was a little disappointing, he was ok and Jill Sobule opened and was fantastic.  So I'm pretty happy, except that on the way down my engine's getting a bit warm.  So I'm told it's probably a thermostat and, cool, no big deal.  Except it's not, I've blown a head gasket (and if it sounds like I know what I'm talking about, it's because I don't) and I don't get it in until Saturday and nobody can look at it until Monday (the ford place would've been 2 weeks, but that's ok 'cause I despise ford's service people). So it's monday and they tell me it'll be Friday and $1600.  Now people tell me it should be less, so I call around it it probably should be less, but not as much as I'd hoped.  So I leave it.

And spend all week at my parents house.  Doing nothing. Except fixing up my mom's computers at work (wrote her a pretty cool little program for, well, never mind, but it was fun and works and that's the best way, isn't it?) and reading and playing my guitar.  Ooh, and I got a new guitar for birthday/christmas (well, half of it, I bought the other half), a Taylor 355, which is a 12 string and is fantastic.

But I was bored. And got no exercise at all.  At least Lady was there.   My roommate Ray's grandfather died.  Sucks.  

So for about 2 hours I was thinking, it costs $1600 for this, my transmission will probably die soon, that's $1800 or so, it's worth maybe $1000 right now in this shape, why not go get something else?  Shit.  Cars are expensive as hell.  All I can get for my $4400 is a t-bird with 130,000 miles on it.  Screw that.

So I'm pretty happy to get my car back and drive home.  And I wake up today when Mollie bangs on my door ungodly early (a bit after noon) with cookies and I decide to take the dog and go look at land.  So I do.

The most promising piece (promising only because it's dirt cheap, 44 acres for like $70,000, with some water on it) is by Lexington, so I drive out there.  And it's drizzling or no, wait, it was drizzling.  Now it's raining. And I get off the paved road onto a good dirt/gravel road.  And off that onto a bad dirt road.  And it's not that bad.  Except now it is.  And I'm on a downhill curve so I can't back up (because it's just gotten slippery) and I do make it through the turn, which wasn't easy, and get to a place where I think I can turn around. Nice high ground with sticks and stuff on it for traction.  So I stop there and let the dog out and look around a bit.  Looks ok, except it's been logged in the not too distant past, which is probably why it's so cheap. And I get back in and know I might not be able to make it out because of the mud and start a nice turn and it's going well and I know I need to stay on the high part of the road, but my turn's tight and I think I have enough speed to make it through the low par--shit.  I sunk like a stone.  

I spent 20 minutes trying to get out, and if I'd've had a shovel and some wood I might've.  But I didn't and I didn't and, well, I didn't.  So I left my phone number on the car and loaded up with directions and my raincoat and my big ol' legend flashlight and my dog and head up the road.  Lady's having a great ol' time running around.  I decide to do some really beginning training to get her to walk next to me even when she doesn't have a leash on, and that goes pretty well, then I let her run wherever.  So it's probably 2 or 3 miles and I know there's a church and luckily they're just finishing up rehearsal for their nativity play thing and there's a lady with a cell phone and Mollie's home.  And she comes to get me.

So the pastor there was in the army as a pastor and I said my roommate's dad had been in the army and had been a baptist preacher guy (although I wasn't positive if he was a preacher guy in the army), but he didn't know him.

Mollie comes and I take her out to Rocky's pizza and the waitress chooses veggie pesto pasta for me and it's good.  And the waitress from the next table is really cute and when we're paying I ask her for her opinion on the whole wal-mart k-mart debate I'm having with Mollie, and she chimes right in on target's side and I should've asked her out, of course, but shouldn't I always?

So that's my day.  I had no car for a week.  I had a car for half a day. It's gone again.  And Mollie says it's going to rain more tomorrow.  This blows.

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