Year In (P)Review


That's 2000 I speak of, of course (or "the year 2000" or "19100" or "twenty-ought-zero" or, well, you get the point).  Last year's already done for, we breathed our first real life as company, drove hideous distances to meet very cool people,  got stopped by the feds of two countries, yadda, yadda, mudda, fadda.  Enough.  

Big plans are underway for '00, Cam Todd has joined Team Lynx and will be be hitting most of the SuperTour events in his van, we'll have his schedule on the web site as soon as it's finalized.  He'll have a good selection of Flying Eye discs with him for sale, so look for him (if you're not sure what he looks like, check out his portrait on the Team Lynx page, which I refuse to link to again since I did it about a hundred words ago). Cam will also be sending us reports from the road which we'll post on the web site... which means we'll finally have somebody contributing who can actually write. 

So while Cam's hitting (and winning) tournaments,  me and Todd will be, uhmm, playing a most of the southeastern events.  We've marked twenty events we plan to be at (of which I expect to actually hit about half once all the logistics get worked out), so keep an eye out for the trailer.

For those of you who live in the Great White North I feel obligated to point out that it's sixty degrees and sunny outside right now.  Just thought you might want to know.

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