The Eyes of Roberto Duran

That's the title of a Tom Russell Song, incidentally, which is on my mind because I just listened to it.  Because I just made a tape with various random songs on it...  and that's one of them.  In fact, here ya' go:

My tape's name is Pastimes, Inc.

Side One:  (Belligerent Disc Golf)

1952 Vincent Black Lightning (Richard Thompson)
Texas 1947 (Guy Clark)

(Wow, I didn't actually notice that I had two songs in a row with dates in the title, although if you listen to the Guy Clark song you'd have no idea that that was the name.  Shame I don't have any songs about 1942...  Doh!  I do, no shit, Manzanar by Tom Russell, about the Japanese internment camp [my dictionary, under interment tells me not to confuse it with internment.  One of 'em means burial, one means imprisoned...  a very nice thing for the dictionary people to do] which is a damn good song, except I like the version I have on the bootleg tape better than the one on the CD that I bought and my tape player won't let me control recording volume from tape->tape, which you need to do because it's a live tape and there's applause on it that you don't want to cut off abruptly because, well, it sounds like shit.  So anyway, I didn't want to settle for the lesser Manzanar so it's not on the tape so I forgot it existed...  but I digress)

Southern California Wants to be Western New York (Dar Williams)
Blue Wing (Tom Russell)

(And you know, actually, this one is similar to Manzanar in that I like the version on my tape a lot better than the one on CD...  but I used this one anyway so the aside is shorter)

The Race is On (Grateful Dead, although this song has been recorded by everyone and his caddy and was written by Don Rollins, although I have no idea who that is)
If Jethro Were Here (Steve Goodman)
Step Inside This House (Lyle Lovett, written by Guy Clark.  This song is one of the reasons I went out and found out who Guy Clark was...  the other is a bootleg I have of Guy and Townes which is my favorite putting practice tape)

Mama Don't Allow It (Steve Goodman with Martin, Bogan, and Armstrong)
What's He Building? (Tom Waits)
Salty Dog Blues (Mississippi John Hurt)
Country Roads (John Denver...  yeah, yeah, whatever.  I think it's a helluva good song, although I don't like the album it's on at all)
School Girls (Cheryl Wheeler)
Chicken (Mississippi John Hurt)
Casey Jones (Tom Russell)

Side Two: (Convivial Rugby)

[A quick aside here, I was checking through the thesaurus for words for friendly and unfriendly and was disappointed to see so many more words for unfriendly than friendly]

The Eyes of Roberto Duran (Tom Russell)
The Ocean (Dar Williams)
Big in Japan (Tom Waits)
Keep Your Distance (Richard Thompson)
Fort Worth Blues (Steve Earle)
King of the Road (Roger Miller)
One Way to Leave Your Lover (Steve Martin)
Filipino Box Spring Hog (Tom Waits)
When Irish Girls Grow Up (Delores Keane and Iris DeMent, written by Tom Russell, this song's on The Man From God Knows Where which is an immigrant song cycle and a really damn good album)
Desperados Waiting for a Train (Guy Clark)
Tico Tico (Steve Goodman and Jethro Burns)
The Outcast (Dave Van Ronk, off the same album as when irish chicks mature)
Smoking (Steve Martin... really, I had like 5 minutes and 30 seconds to fill and had a song that was 5:04 to put here so I added 20 seconds of steve martin and his, "I've decided I'm taking up smoking. My doctor says I'm not getting enough tar")
Eddie's Concubine (Eddie From Ohio)

So there you have it.  One of the lazier tapes I've ever made, there are lots of songs from the same albums, but that's ok, I think I like it.  We'll see.   BUT...  that's not the reason I'm writing tonight.  Or, in the words of Bill Cosby, I told you that so I could tell you this. I was just about to go walk the dog and go to sleep when I came across the Dar Williams web-ring somehow and was flipping through it (undoubtedly the first time I've ever used a web-ring) and came across a page that I liked a lot, I'll link it here even though it may disappear soon...  There are so many pages that I read and have unkind thoughts about (not because of form [unless they have blinking text on their page, then I want blood] but because, well, I'm not sure why except to say they frustrate me and make me think unkind thoughts about humanity in general) that it was nice to read one and follow a few of the links and think I could meet them and actually like them (uhmm, the people, that is).  Which was so refreshing I thought I'd share it...  so if you go follow that link, click on the Iowa link and then on the Kristin link [I'd put the link here but that feels a bit obsessive to me, we'll keep the nice feeling of disconnect].  You're now faced with a really cute girl that studies theoretical physics.  Wow.

Oh, and if you're Kristin and just happen to stumble on this page and think it's absolutely the weirdest thing you've ever seen or heard or even imagined, well, I'd have to agree. Selah.

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