Fire in the Engine Room

I've got six books worth of stuff to write about the triple crown and, more than likely, I'll get around to it someday.  Tonight, though, I just got back from the Georgia Theater where me and Mollie watched the Richard Thompson Band. Damn. And I mean, DAMN!  I've seen (well, heard?) some good music played, I love live music (Live Music is Better, after all), I can't say I live for it but I think that, if I did, I wouldn't be far wrong.  Tonight's show was the best I've ever seen.

I own one Richard Thompson album (Acrosss a Crowded Room?) which I think is ok, nothing spectacular.  I happened to see, before I left for Florida, that he was playing so I asked around and nobody wanted to go except Mollie.  So she picked up the tickets for us (asking for the "Richard Thomas tickets") and away we went.  After the first two songs I wasn't too thrilled that we were there.  I mean, I like the Georgia Theater a lot, good beer on tap, lots of atmosphere...  really crappy seats.  Obviously built for midgets, I was more than a little bit cramped.  My left side ached, my legs hurt, bleech.  Then things started to pick up, he played some stuff that was a little bit different (my main complaint about the album I own is most of the songs sound the same), shazam, this was cool.  Then he dragged out his acoustics and things really picked up.  The bass player had this huge standup thing and he was good.  Mollie had fallen asleep by this point, mainly because she's a cop working those 24 hour shifts where you sleep for 6 hours and she was exhausted.  She woke up 2 songs later and, after the show, said it was the best show she'd ever been to.

As Tolkien once said (sorta), great music doesn't make such great reading material.  I know, but I'm excited and I had to tell someone. If you have a chance to see him, don't pass it up.

What?  Disc golf?  No, I have nothing to say... except we're going to Columbia this weekend, which is cool.  Oh, and I'm going to Greenville, SC next weekend with my parents to see Arlo Guthrie.  Rock on.

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