On the Morrow, We Advance

Tomorrow starts our greatest adventure...  or at least three weeks of driving and throwing.  This might not be a happy three weeks for Lady, but it should be for us.  Lady, you see, ain't going anywhere with us this month.  This weekend she's going to spend incarcerated in the Gaines School Animal Hospital for Wayward Canines, then (if she's lucky) she'll get to spend the week of KCWO at Ray's parents house, soaking up the rays and annoying someone other than me for a change.

This is not a picture of my dogThat's Gandalf, there, and he's there for no particular reason except that I was going to use him as my background but it was sorta tough to get him readable, so I chopped him down and stuck him there and he's sitting on the Fruvous bus instead.  See?

Rumor is the Winnebago Clan might be at the Fire Ant, which would be cool.  I always play better when I can rag on Shinsplint Feldberg. Another rumor is that we won't be camping this weekend, which is unexpected but given the complete and total lack of showers at the course, quite acceptable.

According to an old DGWN I was reading, Climo got stomped at the Tournament of Champions a few years ago ('95?), does anyone know the stomper?  Was it Brad?  [7/12/00 Editor's note:  It appears it was Hosfeld] Did I do it and then completely forget my glory?  Tell me that wouldn't be a pisser.

I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to handle getting up early three weeks in a row, last "night" I got to sleep after 6, which is about when I'll have to wake up in Kansas City, probably.  Oh, speaking of Kansas City, why are they holding the final 9 at Waterworks?  It doesn't make any sense to me.  It's a great course and all, but it's lousy for spectators and Swope is fantastic for that.  Or heck, Rosedale with some picking and choosing of holes.  But Waterworks? [Editor's note #2:  Waterworks worked awesome and I should shut the hell up]

And, for the record, any chance at all that I had of qualifying for the US Open in Kansas City disappeared immediately when I learned the pros (that is, we) are playing the Works twice.  If only it was Rosedale...  that one I can play.  Waterworks is not my best friend.  During Am Worlds Todd beat me at Waterworks by like six thousand shots.

There's some soggy cereal in a bowl next to me which is really, fantastically unappealing, so I'm heading out to pick up some barbecue (JB's on Broad, best in Georgia (as far as I know, but I'm open to suggestions)) and maybe do some putting.

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