Thoroughly Worn Out Little Doggie...

Took the dog to the course today, up to Richard B Russell, to get her some education goin'.  Figured it's time to overcome this raging hysteria she gets every time she sees anything fly.   And while I can't say we've conquered all the demons, we're on the right track.   She never once ran after a disc when I threw it and I never tied her up, just told her to lie down and stay and threw, threw, threw away.

A few times she did lunge a bit and stood up, but only one disc got picked up in the jaws of death, and that after I warmed up a bit and I told her she could go run (I just didn't expect the run to end with her teeth positioned solidly around Mock Tudor, my current slightly-aged putter)...  so for the last 10 holes I just un-leashed her and made her lie down when I threw and it all worked really well.  In fact, it worked so well that she got to run all over creation and is now exhaused and has 2 or 3 torn pads on her psychotically excitable legs.  So that was cool.

And now I'm excited about tomorrow, we have a rugby tournament up at Clemson, we play Georgia Tech first, followed by Georgia Southern.  If we win both (which we should) we'll play probably either Auburn or Clemson tomorrow.  I love rugby.  The only problem is that our first game is at 1:30 and the Virginia Tech-Miami football game is at noon, so I'll miss the whole thing.  If I remember I'll tape it, although that usually doesn't work very well.

Ooh, but the one time it did work it REALLY worked.  This was the year Georgia Tech played USC in, I think, the second round of the NCAA basketball tournament.  USC had Harold Minor, as I recall, and was the #2 seed (which would make tech #7 if I remember my tournament engineering basics).  I was going to miss it so I recorded it, when I came home my parents and brother somehow managed not to give me any hint whatsoever about what happened, which is pretty amazing given that tech hit a miracle shot with no time left to win.   So I've still got that one... although I haven't watched it in a long, long time.  

I think the only recorded sports event that I've really gone back and watched several times is that Braves-Mets game from July 4, 1985 where Rick Camp hit the 18th inning (or whatever, might've been 16th, I don't remember) home run to tie the game.  For those of you not in the know, Rick Camp was a relief pitcher and might very well have been the worst hitter ever to play in the major leagues.  There were 2 outs and the Braves were out of players so they let him hit.  Gary Carter, the Mets catcher, waved all the outfielders in, sorta like you do when that slow weak girl (yeah, yeah, or guy...) comes to hit in coed softball.  The first two pitches were embarrasing strikes.  You should've seen the look on the Mets' left fielder's face (Wally Backman?) when the ball went over the fence to tie the game...  See, not only did the game go 19 innings or whatever, but there were 2 or 3 long rain delays.  They ended up shooting off the 4th of July fireworks at 4 am on the 5th.  If you decide you want to see it, I've got the tape (which I got my freshman year in college when some nice guy in Oregon copied the game for me), you bring the beer.

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