It's just after one twenty in the morning, which is to say late night on election day.  I don't think I voted in '96, and even if I did my lack of memory shows pretty clearly how much I cared.  This, though, is exciting.

I did vote today, I voted at Fire Station #7 along with a goodly number of other people.  I was going to write in my vote for Ralph Nader, except I forgot to bring along the instructions on how to do a write in and then I couldn't figure it out in the ten seconds I tried, so I voted for Harry (Not to be confused with Jerry "The Gov'ner", former second baseman for Cleveland and my own Lake Top Lazers of TSTPL fame) Browne instead.  My in-depth analysis of the race came down to this:  

Bush is a stupid man and a serious shithead.
Gore is a shithead.
Nader is honest and almost certainly not a shithead.

I never thought about Browne, to be honest, he didn't enter my plans until the unfortunate balloting incident mentioned above.  I didn't look at the issues, I don't care.  As Ray says that some British guy said, we're really in a 1 party system here but with the American fascination for size we live with the illusion of two parties.  Of course, he said it much better than that, but hey...  And as Craig says, I'm apparently an economic conservative.  Whatever that means.

I used to drive this awesome 1977 Chevy Caprice Classic station wagon, the Battlewagon we affectionately called it (sorry, it wasn't a her, it was an it).  The ceiling liner used to hang down everywhere so one day on the way to school we unleashed a pair of staple guns on it and, voila, never had a bit of trouble ever again.  So anyway, I used to drive like 6 people to school every day and several times Eric and Arvind would ask me what were apparently key questions and then proceed to tell me what I was.  Which, I'm pleased to say, I would promptly forget.

And really, down deep, I don't really care who wins.  It used to bother me that such an unbelievably crappy guy as Bush would be president, but not anymore.   I don't think there will be a huge difference in my life in the next four years between Gore and Bush.  

But dude, this is pretty exciting stuff.  

As of this typing, Gore is just under 29,000 votes behind in Florida with 94% reporting.   That's 5,416,033 votes reported, which means there are approximately 325,000 votes outstanding.   An hour ago there was a 200,000 vote difference...  which is to say, Gore is charging down the stretch and threatening to make it a race.   Oh, but wait.  It's possible for Gore to win Florida and still lose.  Sure, an hour ago I thought there was no chance of that, but it's looking possible now.  Gore has to win Florida and one other state to win the thing, Bush just has to win Florida or the other 3 states.  Alsie-walsie has a 7,000 vote lead in Iowa with 94% reporting, Bush has a substantial (3%) lead in Oregon with 58% reporting, and they're dead-ass-tied in Wisconsin.  

Look, I swear, I hate politics. I despise what political races are and the unbelievably high ignorance quotient being sprayed about.  The only reason I knew anything about any candidate I voted for is that I took two hours and read about 'em, decided who I wanted to vote for, wrote them down, and promptly forgot all about it.  I carried my cheat sheet into the booth and voted for each and every one of those names...  well, except Nader.  And some woman who wasn't anywhere to be found on my ballot, most likely a little research slip up there on my part.  But hey, who's asking for perfection?  I just want a good photo finish.  And it looks like I've got it.

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