Leanin' on the Rail

Tonight was a strange experience.

Me and Todd (and yeah, I know it should be, "Todd and I," but I'll talk how I damn well please in my own web sphere of influence, so you can take your grammar and stick it) went shopping today for wood and suchlike for sign building. See, we're putting a bulletin board up at Lenora Park near Atlanta to spread the Good Word about goings on in the area. Well, when Todd builds something he builds it solid, this sign ain't goin' nowhere. So as we're strolling around Home Depot (after we found the plexiglass but before I started playing with the magnet and the nail, trying to get the nail to chase the magnet without catching it [see, I know gravity increases exponentially as you get closer to something, but I figured magnetism would be linear {I couldn't remember... nice curly braces though, huh?} and therefore I should be able to fine a distance where it would move slowly enough that I could move the magnet away at the same speed...] but failed. Which is to say, I only got it to work when I chose a heavier nail and raised the magnet off the floor, so it wasn't quite what I was looking for and only worked because I could get it close enough to move the nail but far enough that it wouldn't pick it up, which is to say I used gravity to cheat) Robert calls and tells me that Dar Williams is playing at Variety Playhouse in little 5 points (a tee-bird shot from IFO, actually) and do I want to go? Hell yeah, says I, I'd love to.

So we did.

Now I was wearing shorts because it's Atlanta and it doesn't get cold here and I feel it's my duty to avoid wearing long pants as much as possible because, well, long pants suck. So I'm in line for tickets and it's friggin' freezing and I start to think, "Hey, I bet Nicole will be here." See, Nicole used to be a friend of mine, she's actually the reason I know who Dar Williams is, but she no longer likes me. I have no idea why (and, hilarious though I usually am, and funny as that nice little deadpan line might be, I'm serious this time). Her 2 best friends when she was at UGA don't know why. But I'm pretty sure, 'cause last time I saw here I walked up to her and said something tremendously witty like, "Long time no see," to which she responded considerably more creatively, I have to admit), "It's gonna be a lot longer." Can you feel the love?

So about two minutes after it occurs to me that she might be there, I see her. She's at the front of the line (Variety Playhouse is general admission) and is, thus, about 20 feet from me (I'm in the ticket-buying line, she's in the I'm-so-cool-I-already-have-tickets-and-won't-have-to-wait-out-in-the-nice-January-in-June au-line). I say nothing. I figure if she looks straight at me while I'm looking at her I'll smile and wave or something equally, err, whatever. She doesn't.

I'm not positive she saw me, although the odds are decent. I'm a reasonably tall bald dude wearing a USA Eagles rugby shirt and shorts, but anything's possible. So we sit in the first row of the balcony, she's in the front row of, uhmm, the front row. Todd asks why I didn't say hi to her, I tell him it's because I thought it was nicer not to, if she's orange juice and I'm toothpaste (or something funnier you can think of on the fly that doesn't go together).

So I didn't, but it felt really weird being the bad guy and not knowing why. It felt really weird to avoid someone I used to really like a lot when I haven't seen them for a while (opposed to them, "Heyyyy!!!" and a big hug). I really don't know how to deal with it.

But dude, the concert was awesome. Unless you really hate folky chick rock, you should definitely go catch the show. Most excellent.

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