The Green World

Things have been going pretty well around here lately.  I've been on sort of a disc golf mini-retirement since the US Championships, but I don't think that's the reason for my little utopian run.  

Some days when I sit down at my computer I'll have 10 or 12 or 15 messages and they're all garbage.  Which isn't to say they're all spam, but some are and others are, well, just say there's nothing really very interesting. Tonight I got back from the rugby field, where I threw for about an hour and then played touch rugby for 2 more (I figure I should practice at least a little bit before I drive 6 hours to play), and had 7 messages, all of which were personal and interesting.  I think it might be a record as far as non-crud messages go.

So I'm working pretty seriously now on my Disc Golf computer game.  The past few days I've been writing data structures and such like, digging around for day of the week and great circle formulas, which I actually like doing quite a bit.  Then last night I went down to the Engine Room (which is bar that's heavy on piercings and tatoos with a decent beer selection) and had 2 pints of Sierra Nevada and came up with 6 pages of ideas.  I'm excited about this.  It's gonna be a damn good game.  Which is to say, I'm going to like it a lot.  I hope some of you guys do, too.

So this weekend is my last chance to win some cash this year.  I didn't think I was gonna win ten grand or anything, but I'm pretty surprised I haven't won a dime.  And really, I've only come close a couple times.  The melbourne leg of the triple crown, Miami (although the only reason I was close there was they paid top half), and, well, that's about it.  If I could change one hole at Hotlanta I would've been 1 stroke out, I think.   But I'm pretty happy about the year, anyway.  I'm a much better player now that I was a year ago, and a year ago I was much better than the year before that.  So that's a nice trend.

Late breaking news:  The interesting personal email streak reached 10 before it was broken by a "New program for booklovers" from Barnes and Noble.  Alas.

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