You can just see my wife running towards the house...

Go get yourself a Bob Newhart standup album, preferably the one with the Seven Lost Cities of the Incas (although the All Music Guide says that's not the one you should get... don't listen to 'em), give it a listen or two, grab yourself a home-made cider, and kick back for a nice relaxing evening of, uhmm, programming.   This is my work life.

But dude, he's a seriously funny guy.  I think that seven lost cities routine is my favorite standup stuff, no offense to Steve Martin (whose Common Knowledge is the funniest thing I've ever seen on TV [it was on Saturday Night Live, in case you're not old enough to be hip]).  

The main reason I'm starting work at 11:55 pm is that I spent the day designing a frisbee golf course at Sandy Creek Park near Athens.  It's ridiculously unsafe and could never be installed for real (although it's closer to being practical than I first expected), but I'm excited about it.  See, I took Lady out to run around because it was supposed to be Doggie Fun Day with the rugby chicks' dogs (although if they showed up I never saw 'em) and after she ran a bit we walked around most of the park twice.  So I saw a few nice places for greens and a nice tee or two and began seeing some holes I'd like to play.  

Taking a quick trip home to drop off the dog and pick up my bike (and, it must be noted, a bike rack which made it a helluva lot easier to pick up that bike) I headed back out with 2 eagles and my trusty laser ranging monoculars to scout out my course.  Well, I found some nice space back off the road to squeeze in a few shorter holes, and threw the nice long ones I'd seen earlier and, well, they were longer than I thought.  And not quite as good as I thought.  Alas.

So I rode around for about 2 hours and have parts of about 12 holes figured out, hopefully after I get back from Orlando I'll be able to drag someone up there and play the thing.  Oh, me and Bunce are brewing some Cherry Stout next week so if that's incentive to come play the outlaw course...

Ok, maybe the seven lost cities isn't the absolute funnies thing I've ever heard, but I'm a fan.

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