Slurpy Dog

The title has nothing whatsoever to do with what I'm about to write, but Lady was sitting behind me liking some part of her body or other and was loud as all hell.  Hence the title.

Todd came up to Athens a couple days ago and threw on the rugby field with me (he wanted to put a few over the fence).  See, I throw from one goal line so to the other goal line is 325 feet.  The try zone (err, end zone) is 15 meters long on our field, so about 49 feet.   It's about 20 feet from the back of the try zone to the fence, which means our total distance to the fence is just under 395.  Aha!  That means anything over the fence will be over 400.

We threw back and forth 3 times, I think, and Todd put 2 over downwind and none upwind (wasn't really down/up, the wind swirls a lot on that field, but that's a reasonable description).  I didn't put none, nowhere (although I did put at least 5 or 6 over the side fence from where I turned 'em over and the wind came and grabbed 'em and slammed 'em sideways).   

Todd's always whining about how he can't throw 500 feet and he doesn't know why, so when I saw the results from the distance contest at worlds I felt obliged to stick 'em up here.  Fact is, it's hard to throw 500 feet.  There aren't a lot of people that can do it consistently.  How many people are there in Atlanta who, given five throws, can do it?  Chim Chim (who hit 510 in 3 tries at Southern Nationals) and Phil Arthur, I'm sure.  Probably Forrest.  I'd say that's probably all.  These are some of the biggest arms in the world out in an open field trying for nothing but distance and most of them couldn't do it.  (Oh, and I included the womens because I wanted to have Lesli's qualifying crush on record...)

Pro Open
Final Country Yards Feet Cash
1 Chris Maxx Voigt Germany 190 570 $300
2 Christian Sandstrom Sweden 182 546 $200
T3 Ken Jarvis USA 166 498 $137.50
T3 Aaron Wield USA 166 498 $137.50
5 Sam Ferrans USA 160 480 $100
6 Kurt Karlsson Sweden 147 441 $75
7 Steve Rico USA 143 429 $50
1 Christian Sandstrom Sweden 191 573
2 Chris Maxx Voigt Germany 176 528
3 Sam Ferrans USA 173 519
4 Ken Jarvis USA 171 513
T5 Aaron Wield USA 168 504
T5 Kurt Karlsson Sweden 168 504
7 Steve Rico USA 167 501
T8 Mats Stromgren Sweden 162 486
T8 Per Jonson Sweden 162 486
T10 Jon Drummond USA 159 477
T10 Steve Brinster USA 159 477
T12 Dave Sam Neilson UK 156 468
T12 Markus Kallstrom Sweden 156 468
T12 Matt Roulette USA 156 468
T15 Marc Jarvis USA 155 465
T15 Avery Jenkins USA 155 465
17 Bobby Musick USA 152 456
18 Chauncey Donaldson USA 151 453
19 Simon Feasey New Zealand 148 444
20 Rivers Sherrod USA 145 435
Pro Women
Final Country Yards Feet Cash
1 Ruth Steele UK 115 345 $60
2 Deb Renner USA 106 318 $30
1 Lesli Herndon USA 125 375
2 Ruth Steele UK 123 369
3 Juliana Bower USA 110 330
4 Deb Renner USA 99 297
5 Sue Stephens USA 92 276
6 Nancy Donnelly-Malakhoff USA 87 261 World Record Women Age 45-54

Time to get to work, now.

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