Crawl Back Under My Stone

It's been a while.  Since Worlds I've been to one tournament and played local random doubles a few times, but that's about it.  Haven't played much.  I have changed the grip on my putts, but haven't practiced enough to really get any good at it or adjust to the difference.  Wednesday it starts again, we head down to Miami for the supertour, the week after is Augusta, the week after that is US Championships (US Open sure is a better name...) and I'm sure at some point in there, after missing some putts I should've made and botching a drive or two, I'll wish I'd practiced and worked to be a good player and all that jazz, but I haven't and I don't really regret it.  It doesn't really take that much, I think, but I've stuck pretty well to my "play when I feel like it" doctrine and I'm glad I have.

I worked a good bit after midnight last night, getting to sleep around 4 or 5 in the morning so when I woke up I took it easy, went and dumped myself on the couch and watched La Vita è bella and cried, like I always do (and no, I'm definitely not a movie crier).  Oh, speaking of Roberto Benigni, check out Down By Law which is a Jim Jarmush movie with Tom Waits and Roberto in it (as well as Nicoletta Braschi, who plays the wife in Life is Beautiful) and is pretty cool.  

So anyway, after the movie I didn't feel like working and it was raining pretty hard so I drove down and went guitar store hopping, playing the 12 strings in each.  Only one of the places had a nice selection of good ones with a Martin, a couple of Guilds and at least one Taylor to go with a Seagull and maybe a couple of cheaper ones.  So it was that I first played a Taylor 12 string and, dude, it was amazing.  I wanted a 12 string before, but now that I have a specific guitar to lust after the feeling's really biting.  I might have to start putting a few dollars away...

So after they kicked me out of the guitar store because they were closing I stopped by Jackson Street Books, which is my favorite bookstore, and picked up:

The Man Who Knew Infinity which is a biography of Ramanujan and is pretty interesting so far.
Shardik which is by Richard Adams (of Watership Down fame) and mainly I bought it because the name was floating around my head because Stephen King mentions it in one of his Dark Tower books (the 3rd one, I think), which is odd because I haven't read those in quite a while.  
Selected Works of Stephen Vincent Benet:  Prose to go with the poetry volume I already have.  I bought the poetry one because it has John Brown's Body in it which I still haven't read all of but the parts that I have are really amazing.  My favorite part is the beginning about the slave ship, it's powerful stuff.  So I bought this one because it has The Devil and Daniel Webster in it and I figured I might want to read some of his other stories (well, I've probably read 10 of 'em but that's by far my favorite).  The poetry volume I have still has a bunch of uncut pages, which I guess doesn't happen anymore.  This one doesn't have that.  At first I thought it was cool that they were uncut but it got annoying pretty fast.

So now it's 3:30 in the morning and I'm listening to Richard Thompson's Mock Tudor and working (and typing this while my program builds [it takes a while]).

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