The Longest Da--no, well, Wee--hmm, hell, It's Been a While

Hi there.  Been a while, I think.

I'm home.  Been a while for that, too.  Spent the past 10 days pretty much out of Athens (didn't that win a best picture oscar?), doing some grunt work and some drunk work and some make work.  I have a long-ass list of things to do and, hopefully, am about to get to doing some of them.  

This website is one of 'em.  But I'm not doing anything on it tonight (well, unless you count this, and I don't).  

I bought a house yesterday.  Or, at least my offer was accepted.  Tomorrow things get down to business, I think.  I'm pretty excited about the whole thing.  

The handicap league at Lenora went very well again, I thought.  Our biggest problem now is we won't be getting any new players (except by word of mouth) because we haven't gotten the bulletin board up yet and my signs are all down.  But I had a good time and everyone else seemed to have a good time, too.  We'll see how it goes.    This past week I didn't throw a single warm up shot or stretch or anything, then proceeded to birdie the first 4 holes (well, not quite, one of the putts kicked out)... and then didn't even have a putt on the easiest hole on the course.  But I ended up at -8, which I was happy with.

This weekend was the national sweet 16 for collegiate rugby, U of Georgia wasn't in it because we lost to U of North Carolina a few weeks ago.  UNC got their asses handed to them by Central Washington (52-17) and Wyoming (38-0).  I suspect we would have done far better, but that's what you get when you lose...  ohwell, maybe next year.  Although UNC did so poorly that even if we make the sweet 16 next year we'll have an awful seed and have to play a good team.

Virginia Tech made the sweet 16 again this year, that's 5 times in 6 years, but had to play 10 time defending champion Cal.  Tech got hammered.  I mean it was a solid ass kicking, 77-5.  Damn.  And then they lost their consolation game to San Diego State 41-19.  It occurred to me that tech's record in the national tournament is now 3-7, with only 1 of those wins coming in the "real" tournament, the other 2 were consolation games.  I'm not knocking what they've done, I'm proud as hell, but I know there were guys that thought they had a great chance to make the final 4 and they never really came close.

Whoops, I see that I've forgotten to move my Rugby Chicks calendar over to April, I'm lagging a bit.  I guess I'd better do that right now... sorry Miss April.

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