Must. Work.

Ok, for the record. I'm using Adobe GoLive! It absolutely sucks. I hate buggy software. I can't stand buggy software (which is ironic because what I need to be doing right now (and will be in five minutes) is trying to make my software not-buggy). This is buggy.

Hi. Been a while.

Yesterday went to see the Atlanta Beat of the WUSA play against the Boston Breakers (that's womens soccer to y'all), ran into Not-Janice who was practically a member of the team, she abandoned her post to show me her new driving technique... you hafta respect that. Anyway, it was a lot of fun, I was a little surprised. They had a great crowd (I think it was reported at 7300 or so, I actually guessed a little higher) and while the soccer wasn't the best you'll ever see, there were some high points and it was interesting. To be honest, it looked like a league that was going to survive. I wonder how many fans they have to average to break even?

It's world's time. I ain't goin'. We first found out there was a world championships in '98, I guess, and we drove up to Cincinnati to watch. Then '99 we played both am and pro and 2000, well, they were in the same place. This year we skipped both. I know I'll be suffering withdrawal during that week, but I'm glad I'm not going. But in light of that, here's my final picks for the top 10:




Eric Tracy


Johnny McCray

Scott Martin

Ron Russell

Steve Rico

Scott Stokely

(You'd actually see these formatted and with some other info and perhaps ajoke or two, except I can't stand working in this godawful program right now so I'm going to go work on my own godawful program.)

See later, kids...


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