Hey... all sorts of stuff going on. Mainly worlds. Dammit! I hate this program (Adobe GoLive!), it's absolutely abysmal. It does all sorts of cool things, but still manages to piss me off every step of the way.

So right now Cam's 2nd in open, WOrm's 7th, and, the big news, Lesli's beating Juliana by 5 shots. That's so cool :-)

Ron Russell didn't play, Scott STokely apparently will be withdrawing after the 5th round 'cause he hurt his elbow. Who's the other one I had in my top 10?  (7 of my projected top 10 are in the top 8 right now), oh, Johnny McCray, and he's 21st (and was winning early on).

So I've been following the scores at the pro worlds website and reading DiscLife's reports pretty much compulsively. It'll be wonderful once we get real coverage of something like this. I really wish DiscTV had worked this year, it would've been great.

My game has going into the depths of the toilet, I'm not sure I'd be able to Plastic in Advanced. Ryan asked if I was going to Southern Nationals. I told him I would if I could learn how to throw again. So he said, what, next year? It'd be funnier if it wasn't true...

I had all sorts of things to tell, now I can't remember any of 'em. Isn't that always the way?

Does anyone know of a good html editor?  If so, please tell me.


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