A World Champion in our Midst

My picks did pretty well... to recap, I picked (in no particular order):

Ken Climo, Cam Todd, Mike Young, Barry Schultz, Ron Russell, Eric Tracy, Johnny McCray, Stevie Rico, Scott Stokely, and Scott Martin to be my top 10. Of the 10, Ron Russell didn't play because of a back injury, Scott Stokely had to withdraw because of an elbow injury, Johnny finished 16th, and the other 7 were all in the top 10. I'm pretty happy...

So for a while it looked like we might have both world champions cruising around in the same van, which would've been pretty cool. I was pretty psyched about Lesli's run at it and I'm sure she'll be back next year. Both Worm and Cam have told me they think Lesli's better than Juliana during casual rounds but sometimes gets tournament jitters. I'd love to see her win one, but second ain't too bad.

I bet some people are going to bitch about the payout compared to last year (winner last year got $7300, this year $3000), but guys, last year they had 400-some-odd ams to sell things to and sell to sponsors and it's really not a comparable situation. I still haven't seen the full payout, but I think Lesli getting $800 or whatever for 2nd is great, it wasn't that long ago (Rochester?  Cincinnati for sure) that the winner was getting less than $1000.

I loved that they got the scores posted as quickly as they did, especially that live bit on Saturday. I sat here and did some work and clicked reload sixteen thousand times. I wish they could've gotten the scores posted better after the tournament, or at least some sort of blurb about who won, but you figure if they did that well the rest of the week they must've had some damn good reasons for not getting it up.

I do wish we'd had someone like DiscTV covering it, or someone putting a personal face on the tournament.  I really like DiscLife's reports, but Todd stopped his after Wednesday (right?) and Mark the next day, which is a shame, I thought they were great.

Personally, I went kayaking on the broad river with Mollie and Lindsay and got a nice sunburn (I'm especially proud of the sunburn stripe across my gut, just below where the life vest was). There were about eight gallons of water in the whole damn river, so we spent a lot of time doing cross-country kayaking, which I feel is a terribly overlooked sport in the grand scheme of things. But it was fun, I managed to get knocked out of my boat about 5 times, while I think Lindsay only lost it twice even though she went down the whole river with her feet propped up on the front of her kayak (well, they were those little almost-kayaks made for beginners (like me) and idiots (like me). It was fun.

That's enough for now. Go away.

Oh! Forgot to mention Ben Gurthie finished 26th, Ben's a little 16 year old punk I beat up each time I go to Florida, so it's good to see him recovered enough to shoot that well. Very cool.

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