Jim Garnett's Picture Show

Cam, Jim Warner took the picture, I'm sure.  He took 'em allYou know, I think I prefer the eye to the gray mush background.  I'll give it a few and see how it works. Anyway, way back towards April or thereabouts (come to think of it, the tournament was probably in March) Cam and crew [sorry Lesli and Worm, it just slipped out, but it's better than Cam and the Funky Bunch, well, there's no alliteration there, and I'll spare you from trying to come up with some horrible alliterative thing and end this painful aside right here] played Bob West and stayed with Jim Garnett, occasional contributor to the PDGA message board (and one of about six people whose posts I actually read). A bit later I put up their reports and got an email from Jim pointing out that I'd mis-spelled his name and giving me a few other tidbits to stick on the page. That email is dated April 10.  Today, August 12, I have finally made the changes. Which makes me quite possibly the least responsive editor of all time.

In fact, the response time was so ridiculously awful that I thought it needed a mention here (see, there was no forgetting involved, I kept the emails in my inbox the whole time, which I usually keep pared down to between 10 and 30 messages. Clearly there was extreme laziness at work.).

Oh, did I mention that Cam won the world championship? Cool, huh? In fact, I'll stick another picture here.


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