Ragged Ol' Crown

Usually when I send someone an email the subject line's just whatever happens to be singing itself through my stereo or my head at the time. That's what this title is.

I present to you a treasure: http://outside.away.com/outside/sports/200108/200108bogsnorkel_1.adp

So that inspired me to go buy his book (well, one of 'em), and then I figured I should buy a CD so I bought Dave Alvin's Blackjack David because, well, everyone needs some Dave Alvin and I ain't got none.

So I'm listening to Tom Russell and have suddenly found energy to do something (for now, write this, in a minute, do some programming, although I haven't decided between the database and VantagePoint), which is nice.

I went out in the field today and threw (I should point out that what I really did is go to rugby practice, except the band geeks had overrun our field so I went to the park to throw, except all the little kids were swarming, so I went to this partially finished park near Wal-Mart that, I'm told, had $5 million in financing but not a dime to hire someone to actually run the park) a bit and, while I am now the strongest man on earth (went to the gym twice in 10 days) I am still, quite likely, the world's worst sometime-touring disc golfer (a title I've steadily honed over the years to most accurately represent my level of suck).

So, ok, that's that. Good talking to you. Send me an email and point me to something cool to read.

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