Greasy Slimy

Big news. I went out and bought some anti-itch cream (and no, Robert, it wasn't Vagisil, besides, last time it wasn't either, it was no-name brand feminine hygeine anti-itch cream, so nyaah nyaah) and all my chigger bites are healthy now. I'm pretty sure there were no chiggers involved at any time, but anytime you got bites like these I figure there gotsta be chiggers involved. And, ahhh, the relaxation.

So Todd came up today and we threw for distance on the rugby field. I'm pretty sure I've bitched and/or moaned on here before about my lost distance, how I haven't even hit the fence in a long damn time much less cleared it. If it hasn't been a year it sure feels like it. I cleared it 4 times today and hit it a stack of other times. Was very cool. I quite enjoyed it.

And I've already deleted that other, evil, web editor from my computer. I figure there's no way in hell Dreamweaver can be worse, and it hasn't even pissed me off once yet (except for that little documentation snafu, but that's the technical writers' problem, not the nice, friendly programmer).


Oh, did I mention that Cam won the world championship? Pretty cool, huh?

Oh, and Evan Gurthie threw 176 meters at the World's distance competition. Dude, that be far. That's WAY over the damn fence.

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