You Just Tall, That's All

So last night I used one of those voice activated microcassette recorders to tape myself sleeping. See, certain people claim that I grind my teeth and speak some strange language during my peaceful nightly slumber.

Well, I may or may not have ground my teeth. The tape was pretty static-y and I'm not sure what the grinding's supposed to sound like. There were occasional outbursts of talkin', but not the monologue I was hoping to hear.

Last night at this thing for the Ark, which is where Lindsay's mom Bob works (as Executive Director, no less...) everyone brought a horsie-dervie and somebody brought these srhimp that were awesome. I ate about a billion of 'em. I overate, but I considered it amazing self control to stop when I did. Todd would've eaten all of 'em.

Ok, off to work. My cable modem sucks these days with @home out of business. I used to get fantastic transfer rates, now it's like having a lousy dialup connection.

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