Second Time Around

Went out and played Richard B Russell with Forrest today, we played best shot doubles -- my forehand and my backhand against his forehand and his backhand. We suck. I shot -2 and he shot -3 (including a circle 4 on the last hole). Oh, if you count the 6 woods holes we shot -5 and -6, but I don't.

So then we came back and watched Lord of the Rings (second time for me... and yes, it's only been out 2 days) with Richard, Belinda, and Mollie. I liked it more this time, the little differences bothered me less, but I still have some problems with it. Like how Aragorn beat the hell out of 5 ringwraiths all by himself.

Dude, you already knew I was a geek.

So today was a good day, which reminds me that a couple days ago I had a really good day and planned to write something about it. Except now I can't remember what happened 'cause my memory sucks.

I haven't gotten anybody any sort of christmas present yet.

Not even you.

Tom Lehrer's on right now. I love having my CDs burned to MP3's on my computer.

I'm going away now. Good night.

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