My amazing achievements today:

I replaced my damn headlight bulb on the car.  See, it pisses me off that it's such a pain to get the damn things out and back in.  The design of the bulb and socket itself is fine, it's just that there's like one quintillionth of a fucking angstrom to get your hand in and maneuver the thing.  But I finally did it (and only broke the skin twice on jutting screws and the like).

I made the world's greatest Major Scale Calculator.  I'm a musical idiot.  I own a stack of guitars and other assorted instruments that I can barely play (if that much).  So today while trying to work through which notes are in the E Major scale I dragged myself off the couch and hunted down a sheet of 110# paper that I originally bought to make scorecards.  Anyway, I made myself a nifty chart of all the notes in the whole universe and then made myself a sliding thingamabob that went on top.  Then, and this is the really clever part so you might want to skip ahead to the gym bit down below, I cut holes in the sliding thing in the proper positions so that if I put the first cutout over a note, the other cutouts fall on the rest of the notes in that note's major scale.  Then I shaded around the cutouts for the pentatonic scale and remembered that the blues scale also has a flatted fifth (except then I remembered that the blues scale is really the minor pentatonic, not the major, but I haven't decided quite what to do about that yet.  Probably I'll add the minor on the back of the major.).  Then I marveled at my ingenuity and played through some of the scales.  Lovely.

I went to the gym and didn't hurt myself.  
I had no energy whatsoever.  So I went to the gym.  And there, on the stairmaster, was this guy Chris (who tried to fix my network--see below) on the stairmaster reading this book on novell networking protocols.    I have seen the alternative to Redbook and it ain't pretty.

I took my dog to the lake in the cold rain and wasn't the only one there.  
This, again, was because I had no energy.  But I put on my stocking cap and raincoat (and it should be noted that the raincoat has a hood which nicely covers the stocking cap to keep it from turning into a stocking sponge) and went on down there.  There was this timid older guy with his puppy who would only chase the tennis ball when Lady didn't.

I finished the last slice of pizza from, well, god knows when.  
And surprisingly tasty it was.

I did the dishes.  And you have no idea how big a job that was.

This to top off the weekend (where I was equally amazing) ...

I was declared Man of the Match in our rugby game... without playing.  See, they told me on Thursday that they'd tell me if I had to ref, but they didn't tell me anything.  Until I walked on to the field.  But, bitch though I may, I really didn't mind.  I had a good time and I'm pleased with the job I did, despite rampant missed calls.    We were playing our Old Boys, the Blind Pigs, and jumped out to a 17-0 lead, only to see the Pigs storm back to win 29-20.  Well, in the aftermath Ray and Richard decided our whole team stunk it up so much that they had to give me the Man of the Match.   Which was also pretty cool.

I met a really interesting girl and managed to get up the nerve to call her (and she didn't even hang up on me).  Not only that, but I dragged my (again) lazy butt out to play ultimate frisbee with them and had a helluva good time.  For the most part I conquered my golfing nature and refrained from throwing as hard as I could, although I did yank a couple throws way off into the yonder near the road and had serious problems with my forehand, something about the rim on the disc being six billion damn miles deep.  Not my proudest moments, but hey...  anyway, her name's Grace and if she's reading this, uhmm, well, hi there.

I fixed the drag and drop code in our program.  Because, even though I was solely responsible for creating the bugs in the first place, I am full hoss for fixing them.

I completely and utterly failed to fix my network problems, but so did the professional network guy. In fact, after three hours of work, he assured me that I had encountered a bug in Linux kernel 2.2.17.  Do you know how cool it is to find a bug in a production kernel?  Well, I didn't, but I was lying there waiting patiently while he did.

I took my dog to the other park with Mollie and let her be her wild, primordial, tennis ball chasing self.  Oh, by the way, my dictionary defines primordial as primeval.  Thanks a heap, guys.

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