On a Stage This Big

I've written some of these when I had absolutely nothing to say.  This is one of those times.

I wonder how many people stopped right there?  


Ron Russell beat Climo at Melbourne.  Which is notable considering Climo's history there.  Evan Gurthie cashed nicely at Gran Canyon.  Which is notable because Evan's cool.   On one hand I really want to qualify for the US Open this year, but on the other I haven't really been working on my game (although I had a nice little breakthrough throwing in the field with todd, I changed the angle of release a tiny bit and felt like I got a lot more on the throws).  I'm more and more convinced that I don't need to worry about adding more distance by trying to throw anhyzer or use the space around me or anything, but that relying on nice low straight-ass drives is the way to go, even if I give up 50 feet.

Cam's won his first two tournaments of 2001.  Sandy Creek Park in Athens might be getting a disc golf course.  I don't like the CE plastic or the Z plastic.    We still haven't finished the bulletin board for Lenora Park, 4 or 5 months after I told them we'd build it.  I've played ultimate 3 times in the last 2 weeks, I'm a seriously bad ultimate player.  

I now have 4 150 class drivers in my car and 2 150 class rocs, so I'm ready to play with beginners.  I had nothing friendly in my trunk for far too long.  The best book I've read this year is called The Best American Sports Writing 2000.  Brett gave it to me for christmas and I expected very little, but it's excellent.  John Merka, the guy who made those wood minis we have, is making me a mandolin case.  It looks awesome.  It'll cost as much as the mandolin.  I don't care.

My initial 10 for 10...   so the 10 guys I think will be in the top 10 at worlds this year (yeah, so there's 12 of 'em, I got a math minor, screw off):

Odds that they'll still be in my list come July Who? 2001 Worlds Finish 
99% Ken Climo 1
99% Cameron Todd 7
99% Barry Schultz 2
85% Ron Russell 60
80% Al Schack 26
70% John E McCray 10
70% Scott Stokely 6
45% Jesper Lundmark  3
45% Steve Rico 8
35% Chauncey Donaldson 11
25% Scott Martin 14
Sorry, only kidding. Ryan Renz 68

Which gives us a 5.7% chance that I'll have all 12 on my list come July... well, it's really a 0% chance 'cause I'll only have 10 on my list by then.


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