Sixty Bucks...  Twice

My monitor blew up yesterday.   DiscTVOnline came to my attention today.  Each cost me sixty bucks.

Now you've heard of DiscTV Online, go sign up.  Right now.  I'd say do it to support them, but it's going to be good stuff, it's going to be worth every penny, so go do it for yourself.  I mean, really, if you're reading this page then you're a bit too desperate for disc golf info.  There's no better place to get it than DiscTV.  

And I don't have anything in the whole world to do with them...  it just looks that cool to me.

Anyway, the other sixty bucks I spent was a pain in the ass.  As I believe I said, my monitor blew up.  I didn't have any flames (at least no visible flames, although there was quite a bright light for a second coming from the top of the monitor, but sparks don't really count as flames to me) or anything, but one second it was cruising along, the next I got a loud sizzle and the smell of melting components.  Wonderful.  

Well, I don't have a receipt for the monitor because it was a replacement for a different brand of monitor that died on me about ten seconds after it got home.  I carried the dead one in, they handed me a new one to carry out. Easy.  Except I had no proof of date of purchase and my warranty's good for 3 years.  I've had the monitor just about... well, I'm not sure but it's not too much less than 3 years.

So I drag the beast to the bed (and how often do you really want to read that coming from my fingers?) and flip it over and... ahh, yes, date of manufacture is August '98.  I'm safe.  So I head off to another computer in the apartment and hop on the net and grab the phone number for Princeton Graphics and sit on hold for half an hour.  At which point I get one of those service guys who's not totally humorless but just isn't any fun to talk to.  Sheesh.  There ought to be a law that everyone who works a job that involves answering the phone needs to be laid back and funny.  But I struggle through his lack of vibrance and arrange to have a new monitor shipped to me and tell them I'll go ship mine back.

Which I do.

I've long since thrown away the packing materials so I take it to Mailboxes Etc. and they pack it up in enough bubble wrap to surround the piles of dishes and other various odorous crap sitting around my apartment and then stick it in a box, then stick that one in another box.  Which looks pretty solid to me.  They charge me $20.  No problem.   Then he tells me that UPS ground will be... $96.  Yeah.  So I get on the phone to Todd and he tells me it should be $25-$30.  So I carry my box out and plan to take it over to the UPS customer counter which is five minutes away.  

Except it won't fit in my car.  I push and shove and pull and bang on it for a few minutes before I take it out, sit it on the quickly cooling asphalt, and think.  Which is new for me.  I finally see how I can slide the seat and lean it and if I shove REALLY HARD with every one of my 204 pounds (ooh! ooh! my pre-new year's resolution was to get down to 205 by the end of february.  Hell yeah is all I got to say.  I'm one skinny bastard.) it might be close enough that I can squeeze the rest in with the help of the car door.  It works.  The center console/armrest thing is leaning about 30 degrees by this point, I can't believe it didn't rip out, but I got it in and headed for UPS.  Cost me $46, not quite $30 but a damn sight better than $96.  

So that's my other $60.    Go subscribe to DiscTV.    Their coverage starts March 17 at St Pats in California.


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