Sheets and Sheet Plastic?

See, I really do have things to say right now.  I have sales stats to process and update, I have 2 course updates (Morley Field and the one in Sylmar),   I have the world's best Disc Golf game to write, I have tapes to make and music to learn.  I mean, I have things to do.  Things I want to do.  That I haven't done.  

Dee, it's programming.  My computer isn't healthy.  I updated from NT4 to Win2000 hoping for a little more stability and process independence (which means I was sick of Netscape or Rand McNally MicroTravelThingie killing other programs or the whole damn OS).  And it's been freezing on me for a month.  I've tried everything, I even updated the BIOS on the SCSI card, for gods sake.  Nothin'.  So last night I stayed up until 6 am swapping ram in and out, hoping to find that something was wrong with one of 'em.  [Oh, and if you expected me to start this paragraph by saying something stupid like, "I thought you'd never ask," well, I caught myself just in time]

Looks like only one of the 3 is actually healthy.  Making progress.

More frustrating than that, though, has been these development libraries we use.  I updated them to try and fix a problem that I had been having with the old ones (but could work around)...  and developed a nice new problem that wasn't there before and couldn't be worked around.  

But that almost certainly got fixed about two hours ago.  For which I'm so grateful I can't express it in words.

Oh, did I mention it's chilly in here?  I believe I've mentioned the quality construction employed in building my, uhh, building.  I'm thinking about stapling bedsheets over the windows, and then sheet plastic over those.  And maybe dumping a whole lot of cotton balls inside the bedsheets and plastic.   Then I could sit back and wait for some poor unsuspecting girl to ask why I keep ten thousand cotton balls right next to my bed.


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