Cold Morley Waters

I made myself a compilation tape of Dar Williams songs a couple days ago and one of the songs I put on it is Cold Missouri Waters, which was written by James Keelaghan.  I'm happy with the tape (as if it would be the world's biggest disaster if it sucked) but really like that song.

I just finished writing about Morley field and the course in Sylmar and still have some gnats flying around about 'em.  I just can't get over how dangerous Morley field is.  There are 5 or 6 places where you have a legitimate chance of being hit by a disc, and probably 10 more where there's some chance.  And to some extent I do understand it, the course is in San Diego's big park, the one with the zoo and like 10 or 15 museums.  It's a great spot and I'm sure space is at a premium.  Still, I'm not so much in favor of the sport's growth that I'm willing to risk some 8 year old girl getting hit in the head by a disc.  And there's a very real chance of that happening at this place.  It's dangerous.

Alas.  I think I've mentioned this before, but the only reason I'd like disc golf to grow bigger and bigger is the very selfish desire to have legitimately good courses.  I don't see that happening unless there's money and I don't see money unless there are lots of players ('cause then sponsors have somebody to sell to...).

I need to get back to work, now, so I'll leave you.  In case you're in Georgia in 2 weeks, our rugby season's starting.  We're playing Georgia Southern in Statesboro.


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