Flames on the Horizon

Well, not quite on the horizon, actually, more in my computer case.  Which is to say, my power supply caught on fire last night.  

I got my new motherboard yesterday and promptly set to destroying everything I own.   I pulled the computer apart, pulled out the old motherboard, read the manual for the new one, put it in the case.  No problem.  A couple of extra screw holes, but that's because the board's a bit bigger.  Everything hooked up?  Yup.  Wasn't sure on the polarity of a couple of the tiny little connectors, but it seems not to have mattered because they work.  I'm rolling now.  Connect the drives.  Boot up. It works.

Excellent.  All the RAM shows up.  My first boot menu shows up (I have FreeBSD on the machine as well as (for the moment) 2 different Win2000 installations), great.  My second boot menu (the Win2000 one) shows up.  Cool.  Pick the first.   It's working!  No shit.  I really didn't expect this all to work the first time.  Gray bar scrolls by, nice blue loading screen, gets halfway across...  stop. INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE.  Fan-freaking-tastic.

So I try this and I try that and am convinced there's something wrong with the hardware.  I have everything disconnected that I can disconnect.  Still doesn't work.  I plug everything back in, turn it on... nothing.  It sits there.   For a second.   And then bursts into flames.

I yank the cord and everything settles down.  Did I kill the motherboard?  If so, I've just paid $280 for ten minutes entertainment.  Nothing much to do, though, it's 11pm, PowerSupplies-R-Us closes at 8.

So I went out and did what all disgusted people do, check Wal-Mart just in case.  And to be honest, they came closer to having a power supply than I expected (they had a few PCI cards).  Alas.

Anyway, I ended up at Kroger and bought all the necessary chemicals for some good grilled cheese sandwiches, saw this cute girl and, of course, stared at her (I'm subtle).  She's looking at me.  As I walk past I turn for another look (I'm shy).  She's turned for the second look.  I think it's my first double-double.   As befits someone who's pissed off and feeling anti-social, I keep walking.  As does she.   But those grilled cheeses were pretty tasty.

[I might mention that the motherboard is ok, I had everything installed right, it was a software thing]


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