That's what I am.  That's what I just decided.

I was lying in bed trying to decide whether to re-read something from Different Seasons or whether to read Shardik, which I'd bought used last year sometime but hadn't cracked yet.  Different Seasons was appealing because I've read 'em all a heap of times (except Apt Pupil, I thought it sucked the first time and figured I didn't need to see how much it sucked the second) and that makes it really easy to read.  I noticed that when I read I tend to skim, to skip through whole paragraphs.  When I find myself skimming a whole page it means I need to find a different book to read.  

So I decided I'm lazy.  Which upsets me because I used to read a lot.  I mean, I guess I still do, but now it's a different order of magnitude. I read shorter stuff or magazines or non-fiction because you can read part of it and not miss anything, necessarily (make sense? does to me... if it does to you, you should let me know).  

But I'm reading Shardik tonight.


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