Napping on the Couch

That's what I was doing instead of talking to you, napping on the couch.  'cause I did have something to say this morning, except then I went and played Richard B Russell with AJ and Todd, two guys I met playing ultimate last weekend.  So when I got back I thought about telling you, but I was awfully tired and hungry and took a nap on the couch (I include the and hungry bit just to give you an idea of how tired I was.  Understand?  If I was that tired that I passed up eating something, then...) while the Braves beat up on the Phillies.

But now I'm awake.  I'm still hungry, but I think my stomach shut down for the nap and hasn't realized the whole system's up and going again, so this is sort of the lull after the, err, whatever.

My shower.  That's what I wanted to tell you about.  You haven't heard about it in the past 2 years because it's a different shower, I've moved.  I done got me a house, now.  And I've been putting quite a bit (my putting felt really good today, except for the time I 4 putted and the three dinkers I missed.  But really, I mean it, it felt good.  Heh.).  And other housely things. But today I hop in the shower and it's HOT.  Normally with the knob about halfway it's got a nice bite to it but is bearable, right?  Well, not today.  I could barely force myself to get wet enough so I could reach through the stream to turn the heat down, and then I had to do it 3 times 'cause it wasn't gettin' no colder.

So with the shower turned almost all the way to cold I survived (and can't you tell how clean I am?  I bet you can't smell a thing).  I turned the shower off.  It sounds like someone else is taking a shower, too.  Ahhh, thinks me, that's why.  But it wasn't.  It was the toilet right next to me, running the whole time.  Just like having someone standing there flushing it for 5 minutes.  


I've been having flapper issues.  I hate flapper issues, don't you?  When you tell it to flush it should.  And when you don't tell it to, it shouldn't.  It's really a straightforward thing.

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