Oh, to Be a V for You

See, and now I've forgotten what I was going to write.   Ahh, I took Lady out to Sandy Creek Park today to play with Grace and her dog Alex.  So when we got there I took possession of the yearly pass I'd bought a couple days ago, then told the guy I wanted to rent a dog park.  They have these big ol' fenced in areas you can let your dog off the leash, they're a dollar for an hour.  Except it turns out it's a dollar per dog and a two dollar deposit.  Which is fine except I was paying for my dollar with change from my ashtray.  So he floated me the deposit and Grace paid hers when she came in (she only had two dollars herself... we're quite the rich pair).

Anyway, hilarity ensued and much fun was had by all in the warm sun and 30 mile per hour winds.  Grace had to go to a lecture on Sapelo Island so I took lady out to the land that will (hopefully) be used for the disc golf course.  I wanted to look at things from a different angle and stay more away from the trails this time.  So this land slopes down to the left from where I entered, there's a big lake at the bottom of the hill, I went up and was going to walk across the hill and then drop down farther over, sort of making a U. There's this cool little cemetery right near the entrance with graves from the early 1800's... just thought I'd mention it.

So apparently I walked more of a V than a U and found myself lost.  Lost, but looking at by far the coolest land I'd seen yet.  At one point I was staring through the trees trying to figure out if I was seeing this nice green open space or just the tops of other trees, turns out it's nice green open space but is off the park land.  Which is a shame because it's, well, it's pretty orgasmic stuff. Alas.

The land just beside it is fantastic, it's this steep little valley, say maybe 30 feet deep with a great creek at the bottom.  Across the creek is some flat land that could be, well, it screams to be a landing area to me.  I see a par 5 in that space, then maybe playing more sharply back up the hill so I can get one more angled downhill hole out of it.  While I'm wandering and thinking these happy thoughts lady's screaming around the place, I've never seen her that hyper (and that's saying a helluva lot).  I finally had to stop her and make her walk next to me because there was an old barbed wire fence and she was so out of control I'm amazed she didn't tear herself a nice gash.  

So in general any place I found that was mainly hardwoods looked great to me and any place that was mainly pine looked crap.  I'm thinking I can squeeze some short holes in the pines and hope to put some longer ones in the hardwoods.    Unfortunately there's a trail that runs near the outlet of that little valley (which opens down to the lake) or I could run almost the whole course down and zig-zag near the lake.  Alas...

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