City of Mobile

[Ryan wrote this, sort of a streetwise free verse piece, I fixed up the spelling in a few places and messed it up in a few others...]

Eric Tracy wins
Chim Chim takes 6th
Ryan takes nothing
Scott takes nothing
Ryan aces hole 7 at Chickasabouge (sp)-a skip ace
Ryan gets $22 for ace - he always gets the shaft on aces [Editor's note:  Yeah, like $30 on my world's ace wasn't the shaft in an uncomfortable place?]
Chim Chim has problem sleeping due to paranoia
Chim Chim wakes up with a "gift" in his golf bag, which causes the paranoia
Scott dusts a Mustang in Ryan's Camaro
Speed kills, drive a Ford and live forever
Ryan got ripped Sat night - thank you Claudia, Claudette or Beth, whatever your name was
Knickers rule
Joe Sherrod is a pimp
Chim Chim putts very well, just like Doug, but the disc actually goes in

Ryan shoots 8 over at Cottage Hill very hung over
Scott shoots 8 over at Cottage Hill not very hung over
Chim Chim shoots even at Cottage Hill with little sleep and a fear of more gifts in his golf bag.
Tee hee
I should note that Chim Chim took a five and three fours in the last six holes.
Did I mention that he shot even?
Chim Chim is no am
I think that I am still hung over
Scott and Chim Chim got their beauty sleep on the way home.
Thanks dickheads
Tim did make it Montgomery, Scott didn't make it out of the park.
Someone had stank-foot
We found a gas station that didn't sell smokes.
Tim retaliated- if you find a gas station in Alabama that doesn't sell
smokes, stay out of the bathrooms. You have been warned

Joe and Cathy Sherrod rule. Did I mention that Joe is a pimp?
Lesli's sister Lea is the Ron Aldridge of getting sponsorship money,
on a much smaller scale

Really, stay away from that bathroom, it was fucking cruel

Doug's thoughts on nothing in particular