Last year at this time (and by this time I mean NCAA Tournament first round weekend, I don't really know if it was the same weekend on the calendar... and why should I care? Time is all relative to basketball. At least in March)  I was heading out to Texas (To be one more horse's ass...  as Shel Silverstein might say) to play some frisbee.   Ended up not seeing any of the first 2 rounds of the tournament.  Spent a year trying to recover.

So this year we skipped National Doubles and I was planning on digging in for a weekend of basketball, take-out chinese, and bedsores (well, couch-sores).  Until I realized that I have a whole lot of work that I have to get done.  Ack! What to do?  I was thinking maybe get up really early and work until 12:20 and then maybe squeeze an hour of work in between the early games and the late games...

...  but inspiration doth cometh.  I have 2 old commodore monitors sitting in my computer/junk closet (along with a DEC grayscale monitor, an Amiga 500, and Amiga 1200, a DecStation Personal 5000, a Commodore 64, 2 1541 disk drives... what else? If you want any of it let me know) so I pulled one of 'em out.  Excellent.  Now all I need is a tuner...  no problem, we have a VCR right in the main room.  Oh, but I don't have enough coax and I can't find my splitter.

Piece of cake.  It's 9:30, Best Buy will be open at 10, I can swing down there, pick up some cable and a splitter (and who knows, maybe a cheap vcr...) and be set by 11.

So now it's 11:20, my desk holes my Commodore 1702 Video Monitor with a brand spanking new Toshiba HiFI VHS Video Recorder (hey, it's a piece of shit, but it's stereo and it was sixty bucks, whatcha gonna do?  I actually spent a decent amount of time comparing and as far as functionality goes there just wasn't that much difference between the $80 and $150 VCRs [and isn't it cool that the expensive VCRs are only $150?].  Even so I was thisclose to buying the nice, well made, solid, pretty $150 one.  Then I saw that this one had an open box price on it so was only $59 instead of $79, well, there wasn't $90 worth of difference, so...) sitting happily on top.  The coax is spiraling itself across my carpet in lovely waves, I have enough so if I really want to I can run it up by the ceiling and get it out of the way, but I don't plan to keep the setup here after tournament season...  I'll probably just leave it on the floor.

My schedule for the day:

02 Kentucky vs. 15 Holy Cross East 12:20 p.m. CBS TotalCast™
05 Ohio State vs. 12 Utah St. East 12:25 p.m. CBS TotalCast™
06 Wisconsin vs. 11 Georgia St. West 12:40 p.m. CBS TotalCast™
08 Georgia Tech vs. 09 St. Joseph's West 2:42 p.m. CBS TotalCast™
07 Iowa vs. 10 Creighton East 30 min. after UK-HC CBS TotalCast™
04 UCLA vs. 13 Hofstra East 30 min. after OSU-USU CBS TotalCast™
03 Maryland vs. 14 George Mason West 30 min. after UW-GSU CBS TotalCast™
01 Stanford vs. 16 UNC Greensboro West 30 min. after GT-SJU CBS TotalCast™

R U G B Y   P R A C T I C E
01 Duke vs. 16 Monmouth East 7:40 p.m. CBS TotalCast™
03 Boston College vs. 14 Southern Utah East 7:40 p.m. CBS TotalCast™

Move Out to Couch and Bigger TV
07 Arkansas vs. 10 Georgetown West 7:50 p.m. CBS TotalCast™
04 Indiana vs. 13 Kent St. West 7:55 p.m. CBS TotalCast™
08 Georgia vs. 09 Missouri East 25 min. after DU-MU CBS TotalCast™
06 Southern California vs. 11 Oklahoma St. East 25 min. after BC-SU CBS TotalCast™
02 Iowa St. vs. 15 Hampton West 25 min. after UA-GU CBS TotalCast™
05 Cincinnati vs. 12 Brigham Young West 25 min. after IU-KSU CBS TotalCast™

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