Not Quite Yet

Just a quick stop, here, I don't have much to say that I have the energy to get out.  It's 2 am, which used to be fine but now it pretty late.  We have a practice-game-practice rugby day tomorrow, it'll go for 4 hours.  We're trying to make up for missing 2 practices due to rain last week.  We play for the south championship next weekend.  

I just went to take Lady out for a walk, only to discover that I'd left her leash in the car from earlier in the day when I walked the hopefully-soon-to-be-disc-golf-course aread at Sandy Creek.  The best land in the whole place is right on the edge of the property and there are 2 trails running through it.  Alas.

I'm skipping the Secret Squirrel Soiree this weekend to actually get some work done.  I don't remember the last time I had to skip fun for work.  At least I have the little rugby break in the middle.

I have all sorts of stuff from Cam to get up, and it will.  If I'd've had my power supply for the laptop Lauren would've typed it all in for me when she was here, but I didn't so she only typed in 35% of my battery worth.

I was pretty psyched about DiscTV, dammit.

I can tell I'm getting weak because I thought I looked strong the other day.  I can't explain it, but it happens consistently when I don't go to the gym much.  

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