Scrummed to Death

I feel like shit.  The UGA rugby team went up to Clemson today for the semifinals of the south.  The south champion advances to the national sweet 16.  We lost to North Carolina, what, 22-18? I think.  We led 15-0 at half and were clearly the better team... in loose play.  But UNC absolutely dominated the set pieces, winning essentially every scrum and every lineout.  They scored a try with maybe 1 minute left to win.  It was awful.

[April 4 afterthought:  I guess what really hurt most is that I feel we are about 30 points better than anyone else in the south.  There's all that talk about moving to the next level, but we're there... and nobody knows it because they beat us.  And they beat us because we let them.  Which isn't to say they're a bad team, because they're not, they're just not really a good team.  They're stagnant and boring (except on the try they scored to win, that was really a very nice try) and, blaagh.  Dammit.  Ohwell, I hope they do well at nationals so we keep our good seed...]

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