Full of Damn Cobbler

So I made myself some cherry cobbler tonight... well, me and Mollie.  It was pretty damn tasty.  It's actually good enough that I think it's better without the ice cream, just the good stuff itself and a glass of milk.

And I should know 'cause I just ate fifty damn pounds of the stuff.


Got myself a second roomie for the fall...  talked to the lady I'm buying the house from.  I like her.  She's trying to deal with 20 years of memories and the loss of her husband, so all the time I was talking she was on the verge of tears.  Or maybe it was just me... I have that effect on a lot of women.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

After playing pretty good golf all spring, the last 2 rounds I've played have been nightmares.  They followed a week that had actual running and exercise on my part.  Connection?  Well, let's just say it's not a coincidence I sat on the couch all day and ate a whole tray of cherry cobbler.


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