Get This

I know that, based on what's below, you won't believe that this is my rededicate myself to work day, but it is.  And I've gotten stuff done for the first time in a long time.  I've updated the Flying Eye tour page and entered 1 of the 3 reports I have from them.  I finished 2 items on the list of things to do for release 2.4 of VantagePoint.  I ate some of the cobbler I made last night.  I mean, all that calls for a quick break.  So I can never keep Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Jonny Lang straight and I was on the AllMusic guide getting straightened out and Dar came on my CD player, which was randoming itself all over the place, so I decided to try and make the journey (which I've done somewhere in these pages before, but can't find it just now).

Jonny Lang  -->  Stevie Ray Vaughn -->  Bonnie Raitt -->  John Prine --> Lyle Lovett -->  Joni Mitchell -->  Shawn Colvin  -->  Dar Williams

Not too bad... I could've gone straight from Lyle Lovett to Shawn Colvin, but I thought Dar might be listed as a follower of Joni... The big break was the leap from Blues to Folk through Bonnie Raitt and John Prine.  I was pleased with that one...

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