Last on the List

So tonight me and Grace went to the Library to hear storytelling, which didn't turn out to be quite what I was expecting, but I'm glad we went.  There's going to be a storytelling festival in Athens next spring, which'll be way cool.  I got myself on the mailing list for it, but did it with the address of my new house (which I wasn't positive of), so we'll see...

Anyway, afterwards we walked back to her apartment (which is literally across the street from the library) and went swimming.  I realized I really don't spend enough time doing nothing in the pool, it's a damn sight better way to spend my time than sitting in front of the computer reading the PDGA message board and thinking that most people are idiots.    So that was cool, then I ate pretty much a whole week's worth of her groceries (thanks grace... they was tasty).  All in a night's work.

I'm putting all week (did I mention that yesterday?).  If I go down to Melbourne and stink it up, I don't want any (well, many) excuses.  I'm not exactly putting in four hours a day of practice or anything silly like that, but I'm making it a point to putt every day and I think that'll help.  This really is my best chance to qualify for the US Championships, which I'd really like to do.  

This is a seriously boring page.  What the hell?  I had so much to say yesterday that didn't get said and now I don't know where it's gone to...  ooh, if you have any good pictures of Cam, Worm, or Lesli that you're willing to let us use on the web site, I'd love to have 'em.  

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