Daughter of a Great Romance

It's really the 18th, but who cares?  Last night I was in Alpharetta to play doubles at Wills Park and help Todd pack some orders and didn't get back to athens until 6:30 and didn't get to sleep until after 8.  I don't deal with lack of sleep well, which is a shame, but I got about 5 hours and then woke up and checked my email and suchlike nonsense before making it out to the couch, throwing in Ghostbusters (see, some of us don't need six hundred damn channels) [Editor's note:  I haven't the slightest problem in the world with littering my pages with so many inside jokes that you spend all your time wondering what the hell I'm talking about], and falling asleep for another 40 minutes.  Then Grace knocked on my door [Ed:  Grace -- Twice in two days!] and we headed to Taco Stand for an afternoon beer.

You know, really, I messed up up there.  The note to grace should be in parenthesis like the other inside joke [Ed:  He flatters himself by calling that last one a joke]. Alas.

So I stumbled across Theo Pozzy's posting on the PDGA message board about the new player ratings page he put up, which got me all excited.   So I browsed and was pleased to see I made the jump from the 900's to the 940's and feel pretty sure that'll be in the 960's or '70's by the end of the year, and that was cool.  Then I was surprised to see that Lenora's world class par is 50 or so (I would've guessed 47), but maybe it's a small sample size.  Then I was surprised that Rosedale's and Waterworks' were so low. Interesting.

So I headed off to bed, needing to get to sleep so I can wake up early enough to do some work tomorrow before I spend 2/3 of the day doing the Lenora league, but end up reading most of my discover magazine and a good chunk of Wired (which is an odd magazine, I despise all the glossiness and ads but think they have an awful lot of interesting, well written articles) and getting excited about my frisbee golf game again (which has been touched once since early December).  All of which leads to me being awake and not really working.

You know, the other day when I mentioned going to the Library with Grace to hear the storytelling I really didn't tell the best part.  Well, sure, I didn't really tell anything at all, but there was this woman telling us about a woman who, in the late 1800's, quilted 2, uhmm, quilts.  One's in the Smithsonian and the other is in, what, the Boston museum of fine arts (or some such).  And she tells us some story about their making and sale and then shows us some slides, pictures of the quilts.  There are zoomed in shots of each square and this wonderful lady gets SO EXCITED about it all, I really really enjoyed that.  I love to see people passionate about things.  

Really, the main reason I bring it up now is that it looks like the aforementioned Theo Pozzy is excited, at the least, about disc golf and actually doing what he wants to do about it.  So many things are really very easy to do and take the smallest amount of effort (which seems even less if you really want to do it [Ed:  Doug never worries about tense or plurality shifts, why should you?  You know what he's trying to say.]), it'd be nice if more people put in that effort.


Leo Kottke's coming to Athens in the fall.  Did I mention that?

Oh yeah, my sister's graduating this coming Monday.  Did I mention that?  I hope she's more excited about it than I was about mine, I have this bad habit of underplaying big events in my life...

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