A Turkey on its Back

I just wrote 2 1/2 songs, did you?

My dog just killed a mouse without drawing blood, did you?

I just ripped a Clapton CD to my computer, did you?

I just vacuumed the corner of my room, did you?

I just looked for airline tickets to Las Vegas, did you?

I just listened to the end of a Townes Van Zandt thing on public radio through my computer, did you?

I had pierogies with spaghetti sauce and celery with peanut butter for dinner, did you?

I had a grape popsicle for dessert, did you?

I paid some of my bills yesterday, did you?

I worked on a new disc golf course today, did you?

I flossed twice today, did you?

I learned long ago that if you're spitting listerine back into the sink it's best to close your eyes, did you?

I mis-typed "did you" as "di dyou" ten times, di dyou?

I just read an old Everything Else about the time I shot -13 at Oregon with my dad and beat Brett and Todd, did you?

Why not?

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