Oh, Hi There

Some day I'll search through the archives here at Everything Else Central and find out how many times I've said, "Been a while." But it really has...

Played Miami last weekend and was supposed to play Augusta this weekend, but Thursday night at rugby practice I decided I'd rather go to the rugby game. We were going to be short on coaches up there and we were playing Middle Tennessee State, who has a good team. So I left with Lindsay on Friday night and we drove up to Blue Ridge, GA and went to the drive in (triple feature, five bucks, half price funnel cakes after the 2nd movie) and saw some movie about street racing that was ok and then part of this horror-looking movie that I'd never heard of (Jeepers Creepers?) with one of the dumbest beginnings we'd ever seen. We left about 15 minute into that one.

Anyway, we made our way up to Murfreesboro for the game, except when we got there the field wasn't lined and there was nobody there. We finally found a student that knew they were using a different field and showed us where it was. We lost 55-29 (or something along those lines, the 29 part is right and they were somewhere in the 50's) because we couldn't tackle. I actually played most of the 2nd game and I'm pretty sore today as a result.

That night we camped out in some state park in this tent that hadn't been used in 4 years. It was missing tent stakes... but, being five feet from civilization, we headed to wal mart for some stakes. I'd forgotten that the tent is only like 6 feet square, which means my head and/or my feet are pushing into the sides most of the time.

Dude, that tent was wet in the morning. I think it would've killed Todd to stick it away in the bag. Now it's sunning itself on my deck (or would be if there was any sun, it's _cold_ out there).

So anyway, I wanted to go hit the alpine slide in Chattanooga, which worked fine because we were going to take the scenic drive back and we could hop on US 64 each of the Big C (well, the small and grimy C might be more appropriate). Dude, the alpine slide's closed. What's with that? What does that say about our society? How can anything be more precious to a community than its alpine slide?

So we went straight for the scenic part of our trip... which was fun. We had lunch at lake blue ridge, which had about five ounces of water in it, then Lindsay got sick so we hung around there for a while until she felt better. We're reading Son of Interflux out loud. Go read it. Gordon Korman wrote it. You'll be a happier person.

So we cruised into town late last night, powered by cheese sandwiches (cheddar and mozzarella) and moon pies, veterans of a successful tennessee campaign.

I leave tomorrow for the US Open, which I don't get to play because I suck, but which will still be fun.

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