Server Side Includes, Baby!

Yeah, it's been a long time, but I really haven't had the inclination to say anything (although I've had a lot to say). One of the biggest problems with not saying anything is that you forget what it is you wanted to get out there and then it goes away forever.

I mean, heck, travellin' fools we are. Or were. Let's see.

I just re-did the flying eye tour stuff with server side includes so I could get rid of the frames, which appeals to the programmer in me. Of course, it turns out that our web server has them turned off so things look a bit silly right now, but that's ok...

We're just about to release version 3.0 of our software (heck, go buy a copy!) which means for the first time in a couple months we won't have this urgent thing bearing down on us.

Me and Lindsay went camping (I know it's supposed to be Lindsay and I, but really, who gives a shit? It's my page and I'll write whatever I damn well please) with Robert last weekend in Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina, which was a lot of fun. We took the dogs with us and they ran around and misbehaved a lot. We had a stern talking to, me and Lady, and she's been very good since we've been home.

I didn't play the US Open. Forrest played part of it.

Uhmm. I have much to say on course design after the us open this year.

Speaking of which, I really get to get on the ball with this Athens course.

I'm really hungry. Lindsay's phone's still busy. I'm told I'm missing that great pumpkin charlie brown thing.

The sound card on my computer sucks.

I played Lindsay in Oh Hell the other night and beat her 217 to -65. Ha-ha-ha. And I had one where I bid 5 but took all 9, which really hurt.

There was a pumpkin carving party here the other night, but I missed it.

This is silly, it's time to go.


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