If You Don't Do It

This was a pretty good sports weekend for me. We had a rugby game against Clemson, they were winning 20-5 with 20 minutes left (rugby games last 80 minutes) but we came back to win 24-20, which was really cool. I think we've won 4 or 5 in a row against them now, but my memory's so lousy that I don't know for sure.

Then me and John played the Richard B. Ruseell tournament and I finished second. Which is cool because my total cash for the year so far was all of $0. It's nice to fill that column in with something. They also gave me a certificate for sunday brunch for 4 at a restaurant in Elberton, plus I won a CTP which was a pretty nice little cooler and a 6 pack of Mr. Pibb (which was great 'cause I was thirsty as hell).

So we get home in time to watch Georgia blow it against South Carolina, which was really the only down bit about it all, but Richard came over and we sat around and drank and had a good ol' time. Besides which Georgia Tech won 70-7 --

This is an aside. Last week Tech played the Citadel and won something like 35-7, which doesn't look like that much of a rout except they were ahead 28-0 early in the second quarter, I think, and then pulled all their starters. I'm pretty happy with that, you get the ass kicking but also get the new guys some time and don't embarass anyone [although I'm also a firm believer that it's not the winning coaches job to make sure the other team doesn't get embarassed, it's the other team's], which is nice. Tech did pull their starters, it looks like (I didn't see the game), but 70-7 is still a bit much.

-- and Virginia Tech won 35-0 or something similar. The Braves won a couple times, I think, or at least didn't lose a couple times. Very nice, all around.

Now Lindsay's coming over, she was in Florida for the weekend, which means I have far better things to do than to sit here talking to you.

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