Frozen Little Fingers

I think my heat pump's dying... or at least it's gotten a bit ill. It's cold as shit in here. So the fix-it guy's supposed to be on his way out. I almost hope it's dead, I'd like to put in a GeoThermal heat pump, that'd rock. They're expensive but they work great and my yard's perfect for putting one in.

So now that I have a big chunk of my CD collection stored on my computer I've decided that I have great musical taste. Heh. It's just that I listen to random play and all this stuff'll pop up that I haven't listened to in a long time and I realize that it's great. To this point I've been grabbing big stacks of CDs and ripping them all. The only one I've grabbed but refused to put on my computer? Frampton Comes Alive. I can't stand that album. There is a Tiffany album in the collection and I'm not sure I'll be able to bring myself to rip that one, but I haven't come to that bridge yet.

We had the rugby party out here the other night and the cops came twice. Hell yeah...

It's hard to work when it's so cold that my fingers don't move. I hope the fix it dude hurries up.

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