Toasty Little Tushie
I apologize to anyone who thought they would like to go their entire life without seeing me type "tushie"

They fixed my heat pump... yesterday it was about 38 and raining so I can understand why they didn't come out. But he (Gene's his name, in case you're wondering) came out today and it took about 5 minutes. Then, when he left, John put in the digital thermostat that I bought yesterday, so now I'm cruising along in programmable comfort.

I finished the stuff I'd been working on in Vantage Point today, after about 10 days or so on it. Of course it doesn't work, but that's beside the point. The only reason I'm writing this right now is because Visual C++ just crashed and I took that as a sign that I could stop for a while.

Heading down to Gainesville, FL tomorrow. Did I already mention that? Bah, who cares? We play Clemson and then either UF or Florida Atlantic. If we win both we'll almost certainly end up in the south final 4 against Tennessee, UNC, Middle Tennessee, or Appalachian State.

And if we win that then we go to Berkeley to play Cal-Berkeley in the sweet 16. But that's probably looking a bit far ahead.

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