Windfall Glory Holes

I just finished playing (and designing) my 9 hole course. I'm not sure how long it is because as I finished painting tees and baskets (7 of the 9 holes are objects and part of the course is designed so you can move the basket between hole 4 and hole 9 as you play hole 5, then when you're done with 9 you can move it back towards either the normal spot where it's the practice basket or to hole 4) it was pitch black out, but I'd put par at... let's see. 4 + 3 + 3 + 4 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 4...

So that's a par 30, although hole 9 teeters between being a par 4 and a par 5. I think I'm going to implement a rule where if you hit my house it's an automatic 1 shot penalty, which definitely would make hole 9 a par 5. When I was racing the dark to play it I took 4's on the first 4 holes and 3's on the next 4 and then 4'd the last hole, which brings me in at a 32 or 2 over par. Funny thing is I almost birdied hole #7 (that's a very tight wooded par 3), which I figured would be a very tough birdie.

When I get a few brambles and vines cleared out, and perhaps a couple weedy little trees, we'll have the First Annual Million Dollar Windfall Invitational...

Oh, dude, so the basket had been sitting in the same place for months and months and I have this favorite shot I like to throw from one corner of my property down the big hill, sort of a long anhyzer, and there's a tree line running perpendicular to the fairway, and then past that it opens up again and the basket is like 90 feet past the trees. So I've never 2'd it, ever. I've hit metal a good number of times, but never 2'd it. So today I move the basket from its home to the new position as hole #4 on my course, which means adding another 120 feet to the throw. So I throw my first drive... and absolutely park it on the old placement. Would've been a 10 foot putt. Except the basket wasn't there anymore. I thought about dragging it back over just so I could putt it, but it didn't seem quite right. Sonuvabitch.

I'm listening to my favorite Johnny Cash song right now. It's U.S. Steel and it's written and sung by Tom Russell and Johnny Cash has nothing to do with it (and it's not my idea that it sounds like a Cash song, that's in the liner notes, but I agree so completely that I can say it, too) but it sounds just like a JC (hey, how many different ways can you say Johnny Cash in one paragraph?) song.

So also today I got a tape of the Navy-Cal national semifinal rugby game from last year. It's the best footage I've ever seen for a tape where a team's filming themselves (as opposed to a TV crew or something), except I think the camera guy fell asleep at the end and we missed one of Navy's tries, so that sucks, but otherwise the tape's great.

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